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by AGoodID

Winners of the Gallerian Fashion Award

9 Nov, 2007 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Emelie Ljungren, Fashion 3, and Elin Skogkvist, Advertising and graphic design 3, won this year’s Gallerian Fashion Award.

The competition was tough with thirteen other worked-through fashion concepts, but in the end Off-Black for Brothers won Gallerian Fashion Award 07, which, besides the honour of winning, is a scholarship worth SEK75,000. This year was the fifth time that the collaboration between Gallerian and Beckmans College of Design was carried through. In total fourteen teams from the graduating classes in Fashion and Advertising and graphic design, designed one fashion concept each for twelve existing companies in Gallerian. The best fashion concept was chosen by a renowned jury and granted the scholarship Gallerian Fashion Award, the biggest scholarship of its kind for not yet established designers.

Emelie Ljungren and Elin Skogkvist have worked close together during the past eight weeks, analyzing and interpreting Brother’s trademark and target group. Together they have come up with the concept Off-Black, which Emelie has converted into a collection and Elin into graphic communication: ”We’re rejecting the slim silhouette and instead let the man provide the shape. Rolled-down, zipped-up and increased. Modern masculinity, where the sweaty boxing rooms inspire to a new every-day suit. New macho, new man, new substance. The new black is Off-Black."

An unanimous jury consisting of Linnea Bach, Filippa K; Stefan Söderberg, Hope; Gustav Egerstedt, Saatchi & Saatchi, Ulrika Nilsson, JUS; Jenny Lexander, Agent Bauer; and Rickard Ahlberg, BVD, wrote the following motivation: ”For a clear and modern concept with a good balance between design and communication. For having created a good platform for the company to continue building on.”

The winning concept can be viewed together with the thirteen other fashion concepts in an exhibition in Gallerian between November 8-16.