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David Wiksten and Johan Wiksell, Fashion 3.

David Wiksten and Johan Wiksell, Fashion 3.

WIKSTEN&WIKSELL in Temporary Relationships

13 Mar, 2007 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

David Wiksten and Johan Wiksell, both in Fashion 3, share a passion for jewellry. Parallell to their individual degree projects, they have produced a collection of jewelllry for the department store NK’s campaign “Temporary Relationships“.

It smells of oak.
Next to the gate hangs a bunch of keys.
We try key after key.
Click, the strength of two men is needed to open the gate.
Our eyes meet a drawing room with marble floor and high windows.
The light flows inside and is spread through the pendants of the cut-glass chandelier into beautiful light reflections.
One of the chairs at the table has been pulled out.
There, at the table lies a bundle of old designs, burned-out candles, a dried-out quill, and a letter just begun.
Perhaps a last will.
The walls echo of old memories.
Now David plays the grand piano, and Johan continues the letter.

    Johan has a background as apprentice at a goldsmith’s workshop, David a background within art and textiles. With the collection GATES&DRAWING ROOMS, the two have worked closely together and are now planning for the next collection.
    The collection GATES&DRAWING ROOMS will be exhibited at NK Details between March 7th and 25th.