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by AGoodID

The Matter of Things, Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011

1 Feb, 2011 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Beckmans College of Design present the exhibition The Matter of Things at Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011, in Greenhouse V04:30.

Thirteen graduating students at Beckmans College of Design have, in collaboration with the second-year students in Advertising and Graphic Design, created the concept The Matter of Things. The starting point of the project has been to let ideas, research and process be in focus.
Care has been the key word from which the students have created thirteen statements, expressed in an individual visual language that carries stories about solutions to everyday problems and ideas of how innovation in design can be portrayed. The students have, for example made furniture in which the intention is to influence social patterns and the way we see things, imitate motion and body, as well as increase the sentimental value and interaction with the furniture.

Since research has been such a crucial part of the project, it has been of great importance to let the communication around the exhibition give the products a wider dimension. The Matter of Things stands for content, substance, question, significance - with which things are charged. The students at the Advertising and Graphic Design programme have developed the concept of communication, print, exhibition design, digital communication and a documentary.