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Axel von Friesen

Axel von Friesen's and Petter Trnqvist's contribution.

Prestigious prize to students at Beckmans

10 Apr, 2007 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Axel von Friesen and Petter Trnqvist, both in Advertisement & Graphic design 3, have together been awarded the prestigious Chicken Scholarship 2007.

The prize has been established by the Advertising Association of Sweden in order to encourage new talented creators, and is a special prize within the framework of the Gold Egg Awards.
    The motivation of the impressed jury reads: ”To open this team’s contribution to the Chicken Scholarship was like accidentally putting fire to a box of New Year’s fireworks. The jury was completely unprepared for the creative explosion in which one unexpected solution was fired off after another at the creative sky. The following three alternatives are available as explanation (to the team’s creativity, not to the jury’s surprise):
1. You must be manic.
2. You must have designers working illegally for you.
3. You love what you’re doing so much that you’ve given up everything else in life.”

    The other two winners of the Chicken Scholarship are David Orlic, copywriter at the advertisng agency Garbergs, and Philip Ahlqwist, art director at the advertising agency Leo Burnett. The scholarships will be awarded at the Gold Egg Awards in Stockholm, April 18th.
    The jury of this year’s Chicken Scholarships included:
Karin Frisell / Forsman Bodenfors
Nicke Bergström / Farfar
Staffan Ryberg /Berghs School of Communication
Justine Lagache / Storåkers McCann