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by AGoodID

Press Under Surveillance

2 Maj, 2007 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

In advance of the World Press Freedom Day on May 3, the students of Beckmans College of Design have done a film project for WAN, World Association of Newspapers in Paris. The students have competed with five different ideas.

This year, the World Press Freedom Day was about monitoring and control of the press – Press Under Surveillance. Much changed after the terrorist attacks of September 11. Mohammed pictures affected the world. There are new anti-terror laws, new regulations for the protection of a source and the excercise of censorship.
    The winners this year are Gabriel Blidö and Johan Ström, both in Advertisment and Graphic Design 1. Their film (30 s) ”Imagined Consequences” will be broadcasted on TV channels all over the world and the subtitles are in Arabic, Chinese, English, Russian and French.

To see the winning film, go to

The film has been produced in collaboration with ARMSTRONG FILM (production company)
Gabriel Blidö and Johan Ström, students at Beckmans College of Design (idea and script)
Marcus Engstrand (direction)
Other contributors/sponsors:
Production company: ARMSTRONG FILM
Sound design: RED PIPE
Film stock: KODAK
Developing/Telecine: STOPP

Responsible for project: Annika Berner

World Association of Newspapers is a global organisation for the newspaper industry which defends and promotes press freedom all over the world. The organisation represents 18,000 newspapers.