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by AGoodID

NK presents: Something Else - Visions of Couture by Beckmans College of Design

27 Jan, 2011 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

17 fashion concepts, 17 fashion films and 17 statements are on display in Ljusgrden at NK Department Store 27 January - 6 February.

In collaboration with NK Department Store, the graduate students of the department of Fashion together with Advertising and Graphic Design of Beckmans College of Design have explored and challenged the predominating values in the fashion world. In fashion concepts and films questions regarding the development towards constantly faster and cheaper consumption are articulated. Shopping by a "click" and clothing with a short life-expectancy have created a longing for alternatives.

The students present 17 individual suggestions containing just as many visions of modern luxury: of more time and commitment, of more personal encounters, and of more poetry. Most importantly, the films and the 50 outfits displayed represent a new way of viewing extravagance - a different couture.

In Ljusgården, NK's main entrance, Hamngatan 18
Thursday 27 January - Sunday 6 Februar

In the display windows towards Regeringsgatan: I skyltfönster mot Regeringsgatan:
Thursday 27 January - Monday 21 February

Watch the films at