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Photographer Bertil Nordahl

Photographer Bertil Nordahl

New clothes for women internees

18 Sep, 2008 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Beckmans College of Design has in collaboration with the Swedish Prison and Probation Service designed new clothes for women in Swedish prisons.

One year ago, the students in Fashion 3 were commissioned by the Swedish Prison and Probation Service to design a collection of clothes for women in prisons around the country. The women had previously worn clothes designed for the male internees, but in smaller sizes.

The project has been an integrated part of the education for the students and study visits to the institutions as well as interviews with the women internees has been a major part of the project. The Swedish Prison and Probation Service has later on chosen which pieces will be part of the new collection.

The clothes are adjusted to the shape and needs of women, and it is possible to make individual choices. The material is organic cotton and the clothes are available in several colours. The clothes will be manufactured by the intenees as part of the daily work routine.