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Design & development

by AGoodID

Never Mind the Object

1 Feb, 2012 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Beckmans College of Design in Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair 7-11 February 2012.

Why should you care about objects? It is not until objects are filled with content and reason that they become meaningful. This exhibition, Never Mind the Object, is about ideas which require the observer to dig a little deeper, penetrating the surface. Have a closer look at ten personal projects by final year students at Product Design, Beckmans College of Design.

Concurrently, four students in the second year at Visual Communications have explored how product design is communicated, interpreting the design students collections and temperaments. The result is presented in concepts for graphic
design, films, photos and online communication. In addition, the students from both departments have collaborated in designing the showcase.

Vernissage in stand V03:07 February 7 at 15:00.

Programme Directors: Jan Loftén, Product Design and Annika Berner, Visual
Senior Lecturer: Katja Pettersson, Product Design

Students Product Design: Fredrika Andersson, Mikael Axelsson, Sandra Cohen
Callman, Elliott Dahlgren Strååt, Jomi Evers Solheim, Felix Freye, Erika Gunnerblad,
Wilson Kalanzi, Joel Sandelius och Jacob Stenman.

Students Visual Communications: Andrea Andersson, Hanna Hein, Per Sturesson
and Eddie Åhgren.