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by AGoodID

Knitwear Show 2009

22 Jan, 2009 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

The second-year fashion students at Beckmans College of Design mark the middle of their bachelor's studies with the only non-commercial fashion show at Fashion Week by Berns.

Fourteen students present individual collections of 3-5 outfits, with a focus on knitting and knitwear. The students have created their own materials, ranging from industrial experiments to handcrafted structures. Each student has been given creative freedom to explore his and her designer persona, and the result is as diverse as it all holds the high standard of Sweden's most honoured fashion education.

A group of eight second-year Advertising and Graphic Design students have created a visual interpretation of the knitwear collections, resulting in moving image, printed media and more.

The viewing is only open for the press and fashion industry.

Berns, January 27th, 12 noon.