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Winning outfit "Milton

Winning outfit "Milton's Triumph" by Tini Andersson. Photographer Pr Engsheden.

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Icon underwear

23 Apr, 2009 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

The second-year fashion students have participated in Triumph Inspiration Award 09. The task was to design a concept for underwear on the theme "Icons".

Tini Andersson won the Swedish semi-final with her creation "Milton's Triumph", inspired by the world's most successful showjumping horse. This autumn she will go to Milan to represent Sweden in the international finals of the competition. Second place was awarded Jonna Sjögren who had found inspiration in Cleopatra. Third runner-up was Fanny Ollas with her creation "Pippi Longstocking". The jury consisted of Martina Bonnier, Head of Fashion at the fashion magazine Damernas Värld, Marie-Louise Nordin, senior lecturer at Beckmans College of Design, and Sofie Lindahl-Jessen, head of marketing at Triumph.

The icons that have inspired the students range over historical and fictive persons, but also the Berlin wall and a special animal has been given icon status. Klara Sjons Nilsson was inspired by her grandmother who has a big heart but little patience. Everything should be done quickly, hence her fondness of tape. Carina Sahlin's icon is the dadaist artist Hannah Höch whose art discussed issues such as beauty and the modern woman who opposed the norms of society. With her outfit, Carina wanted to create a new body, where assymetrical parts are combined to a whole with twisted hips, legs with different lengths and breasts of different sizes - an alternative to the perfect body which is usually associated with beautiful underwear.

Tove Jansson's literary character The Invisible Child whose outlines faded when living with an ironic relative, has served as the model for Mathilda Sandström's underwear concept. She has freely interpreted the outcome of the story; the invisible child who became visible again. A story which is both dark and good-humoured has now been interpreted in underwear.

Disa Treutiger's icon is a strong and brave person who follows her heart and chooses her own path, and it is Jeanne d'Arc who has inspired her. Josefin Arnell, in turn, was inspired by the predator the black widow. In her outfit, the spider has captured the thing most valued - Freedom! The Black Widow has caught the horses that want to gallop over the fields and the sea shells that want to lie in the sand and glued them as trophys to her body.