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Maja Zetterberg and Erik Nordenankar outside the D&AD Global Student Awards.

Maja Zetterberg and Erik Nordenankar outside the D&AD Global Student Awards.

First prize to Beckmans’ students in D&AD Global Student Awards

21 Aug, 2007 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

We’ve previously reported that three Beckmans’ students were nominated to the prestigious competition D&AD Global Student Awards this spring.

Now we can announce that Anders Lövgren and Erik Nordenankar, both in Advertising & graphic design 3, won first prize, a D&AD Student Yellow Pencil and GBP1,000, for their campaign for a future HIV-vaccine! ”Our starting point was that many parents are unwilling to think about the fact that their children are going to have sex in the future. On the basis of this we developed the campaign Not that your little son or daughter will ever have sex, but all other parents are going to vaccinate their children against HIV , with HIV Initiative as sender,” says Erik Nordenankar.
        Also Maja Zetterberg in Advertising & and graphic design 3 was at the prize ceremony in London as her work for the illustration brief ”illustrate new jacket covers for a selection of Dyan Sheldon’s teenage novels” was nominated to the prize.

The projects of these three students will be published in the book D&AD Student Annual, which will be out in September. Andreas Ullenius, Mark Ardelius, and Johan Baettig at Åkestam & Holst have been tutors for Anders and Erik. Joanna Rubin Dranger has been tutor for Maja. Responsible teacher: Lars Fuhre