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Chicken Scholarship to the Prinz brothers!

15 Apr, 2011 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Kaspar and Petter Prinz have been awarded the Chicken Scholarship. Kaspar will graduate from the programme of Advertising and Graphic Design this spring, and Petter graduated from the same programme last year.

The motivation of the jury reads: "Your ideas live in the borderland between inventions and experiments. What they have in common is that they communicate far more than everyone else usually call communication. In plain Swedish: your work make the Chicken Scholarship jury loose their heads. As if this was not enough, there are two of you! Congratulations Kaspar and Petter Prinz!"

The scholarship is SEK20 000 and they will use the money to open a brother studio so that they can continue working together as they've done since kindergarden. Today, Petter works at Brooklyn Brothers in London. 

One more previous student of Beckmans College of Design, Daniel Mencák, who graduated from Advertising and Graphic Design in 2007, was awarded the Chicken Scholarship yesterday. This is what the jury said about him: When the end project give everyone else performance anxiety you create the entire exhibition catalogue, and then fill it with work that makes everyone else look pale. In your world, Christmas gifts are spammed into the world and books consist only of dissolutions. That makes us pretty sure that this is only the beginning for you. Congratulations Daniel Mencák!" Daniel today works at Mother in London.

The jury consisted of Martin Lundgren, copy at DDB Stockholm, Nina Granath, AD at Stockholm Design Lab, Monica Bron, copy at Åkestam Holst and Lars Fuhre, Senior Lecturer in Visual Communication here at Beckmans College of Design. This year there 70 applicants in total, and the scholarship aims to encourage new, talented creators. Students and persons working within PR, advertising, graphic design, illustrations and the like for a maximum of 3 years can apply for the Chicken Scholarship.