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by AGoodID

Best Future Advertising Creator

19 Mar, 2009 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

The winners of this year's edition of the competition New Ideas have been selected. The price for Best Future Advertising Creator was given to three students at Beckmans College of Design.

Gabriel Blidö, Olof Lindqvist, and Johan Ström, all of them in the final year of Advertising and Graphic Design, won with their recycling add for Returpack/ICA. The motivation of the jury reads: "It is impressive enough to explain a whole chain of events in one add. To do so in one single picture is really good. And to also get two senders in the picture without causing a mess, is genius."

Bonnier Tidskrifter is behind the competition and the purpose is to award the best spread advertisment this year. The assessment of the jury is based on the best idea, execution, and choice of media (the target group of the newspaper/magazine). The only demand is that the add has not been published previously. The competition category Best Future Advertising Creator is new this year and is directed at advertising students in Sweden and is similar to the main competition New Ideas. Students from Beckmans College of Design and pupils at Bergh's School of Communication and Forsbergs were invited to participate with their own creative ideas for spreads. 170 contributions were submitted!