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Presentation for Sven Ehmann and Nicolas Bourquin from Die Gestalten in Berlin.

Presentation for Sven Ehmann and Nicolas Bourquin from Die Gestalten in Berlin.

Berlin + London + Beckmans

1 Mar, 2007 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

The publishing house Die Gestalten from Berlin and the graphic design agency Why Not Associates from London led one workshop each for the students in Advertising & Graphic Design between Thursday, February 22nd and Saturday February 24th.

The students in Advertisment & Graphic Design were divided into two groups that worked with either Sven Ehmann and Nicolas Bourquin from Die Gestalten Verlag or with Andrew Altmann from Why Not Associates.
    Die Gestalten is a creatively run publishing house that publishes some of today's foremost books within international design, typography, motion graphics, and other visual culture. Sven Ehmann and Nicolas Bourquin also run Etc Publications which publishes books and magazines with the ambition to unite creative design with serious journalism within photography, art, fashion, and community.
    Why Not Associates is one of the UK's most famous graphic design agencies. It works with both advertisment, graphic design and artistic projects within print, motion graphics, and 3D-realisation. The Tate, the BBC, Motorola, the Royal Mail, and Nike are some of its customers. In addition, the agency was one of the parties that summarized the experimental typography of the early 1990's in the book "Typography Now: The Next Wave".
    In every workshop, students from all three forms participated and worked together in smaller groups. Sven Ehmann and Nicolas Bourquin based their workshop on the headline "Magazines in Space" and focus was on graphic authorship and on creating information three-dimensionally. The students were given the task of defining a subject based on a number of editorial products and after that presenting them spatially. The headline of Andy Altmann's workshop was "Memorial" and was about graphic communication in the public room. The students worked with interpreting the collective memory of a historical or fictive person and creating a memorial - typographic, illustrative or in some other form.
    Both workshops finished late on Saturday afternoon with presentations of the work, briefing and feed-back. After this, all of the participants, guests, and teachers summed-up the day until late in the evening.

Responsible senior lecturers:
Maria Ben Saad, Advertising & Graphic Design 07
Lars Fuhre, Advertising & Graphic Design 08
Annika Berner, Advertising & Graphic Design 09