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by AGoodID

Students from Beckmans College of Design won Gold- and Silverpen at The One Show in New York!

25 Maj, 2010 | Malin Looft | 0 Comments

According to The One Show, the competition in New York that awards the year’s best creative advertising, less than 5% of the entries win a place in the One Show, One Show Interactive and One Show Design annuals.

»The One Show« has  three levels of Pencils – Gold, Silver, and Bronze – with Gold being the highest, and Silver the next high and Bronze the third
level. Merit winners are the fourth tier of One Show winners – they constitute some of the most interesting and unusual work in the One Show annuals.

Out of five entries the students won four awards. Kaspar Prinz, Petter Prinz and Simon Dahlgren-Strååth in R10 won a Goldpen for »Million Trees NYC« and also received a Merit Award for the webdesign.

Calle Liljendahl and Carl Rapp in R12 won the Silverpen for »Nooka« (no Goldpen was awarded in that entry). Calle and Carl also received a Merit Award for »Million Trees NYC«.