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Beckmans' students won D&AD Students Awards 30-day Challenge

3 Nov, 2009 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Petter Prinz and Kaspar Prinz, third and second-year students in Advertising and Graphic Design, have won the D&AD:s Student Awards 30-day Challenge with their search engine D&AD Creative Search.

The brief was to market D&AD Student Awards 2010. Invitied participants were the winners of D&AD Student Awards 2009. As Petter Prinz was one of them, he was invitied together with 15 other winners to create a buzz around next year's competition. Together with his brother Kaspar Prinz and Philip Cristofor he created D&AD Creative Search, a new tool for creators, in just 30 days. Instead of making a time-limited campaign, they wanted to create a tool that would become an integrated part of a creator's everyday life. A constant reminder about D&AD - a campaign that would live on. It is currently easy to become overwhelmed by the amount of information you get when you make a simple search on a new subject. With you instead get the result sorted and structured with pictures, text, film and music in one single place. The service searches sites such as Google, Google Images, Twitter, Flickr, Itunes store and Sound Cloud and sorts the result, giving you new angles to the matter. 

In one month, became the major referring site to and thereby the task had been fulfilled! Petter and Kaspar will now receive a paid position each at AMV.BBDO.
D&AD Creative Search was also selected to Creativity Onlines worldwide Creativity Top 5.

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