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by AGoodID

Amigos’ Medal of Honour to student at Beckmans

13 Jun, 2007 | Sofia Hulting | 0 Comments

Caroline Strmgren in Advertising and Graphic Design 3 has been awarded Amigos’ Medal of Honour for her music video M’stery Tent.

For the second year, the design agency Amigos has chosen its favourites among the graduation projects in graphic design and illustration at Stockholm’s foremost design schools. This year’s Amigos’ Medal of Honour was awarded to Caroline Strömgren at Beckmans College of Design, Andreas Högberg at the University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, and to Robin Olsson at Forsbergs School of Graphic Design. In her video, Caroline Strömgren invites the viewer into her visual world, here entirely made up of paper. ”A fresh and nice breeze of colours, shapes, and thoughts about mystical tents that surround us. With beat and feeling, this music video opens our minds to the world around us. We simply must award this work,” reads the motivation of the jury. The price ceremony took place at Stockholmsterassen at Kulturhuset on June 7.