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Design & development

by AGoodID


Design competition for underwear at NK

9- 9 May 2012
2nd year graduates at Beckmans College of Design Fashion Programme participates in the Triumph Inspiration Award.

iFor the fifth year running, Triumph invites the young design students from around the world. In Sweden, the winner will be conditional on May 9 during a fashion show at NK in Stockholm, where students from Beckmans College of Design and Textiles in Borås show their entries. After three finals in Europe is the grand final held in Shanghai. The winner gets their design turned into a collection of bras, brief, body, and a camisole. Students from Beckmans College of Design include: Emmy Andersson, Ebba Camitz, Marianne Høst, Lisa Laurell Amando Nico and Lina Michal