Creativity & Innovation

Design and communication with present and future relevance

A focus on the world outside

Communication and design are all about interacting with people. Therefore, lively discussions about developments in society, industry, technology, and about the environment, gender equality and multiculturalism are core features at Beckmans. We want to prepare you to influence social development within the fields and issues that interest you!

A historic perspective

Designers and communicators always work with a focus on the future. Sometimes, the future is very close, a website to be launched the next day, or a garment that has to be on sale in a shop next week. Sometimes, we take the longer view, a piece of furniture can become a design classic, and a restaurant interior needs to work for many years.

Shared responsibility

With the innovative ideas and products we develop and design, we influence people’s way of being, thinking and living, today and in the future. Therefore, we have a huge responsibility for the planet’s resources and the quality of life for future generations.

It is often suggested that design-intensive industries contravene the need for sustainable development.At the Beckmans College of Design, we believe that sustainability is more than just knowledge about the environment, recycling and materials relating to a product. Sustainability also requires an awareness and knowledge of economics, politics, production and norm-critical approaches.


We are convinced that design is crucial and necessary to achieving a society that is both environmentally, economically and socially sustainable.

Therefore, cooperation is an important part of our curriculum. Our students collaborate with each other, both within and between our study programmes, and with other parties, organisations, businesses and industries outside Beckmans.


Your ideas, creative processes, design and communication solutions grow and flourish in the encounter with other people, and meanwhile you build networks and contacts that will be useful in your future career. We want to challenge and inspire you to use your creativity in a way that is relevant to our common present and future!