Nobel Creations

Literature prize 2015


Mine and Maries creation is an interpretation of the nobel literature price winner Svetlana Alexievich's multifaceted work.
From Alexievich's book War's Unwomanly Face have we been inspired of the war-uniform silhouette in order to highlight womens participation in the war. The womens achievements did not get recognition because the society's image of the woman was that she "should give life and not take life" and to hold on to that image parts of the book got censured.

We want with our interpretation to highlight the voices that fought its way past the censors and allowed more voices to be heard.

Our look consists of a pair of trousers and a top which is made of silk. Top on that there's a tightened dress which is see through and made out of window film, this dress represent the censor. Last we have the quilted jacket that embrace the mannequin. We made a pattern from a bird's eye view of the city, which is now called, Sarov in Russia, this pattern we sewed the quilting from and then stuffed it. The jacket represent the multifaceted voices in Svetlanas literature.

Photographer: Amanda Nilsson