Nobel creation- peace prize 2015 by Dat Danh & Kim Linghoff

Tunisian nation dialogue quartet

The current state of word peace is fragile and threatens to collapse any time. We want to convey the possibilities and optimism from the success of the Tunisian national dialogue quartet in uniting vastly different voices without erasing those differences that, if we decided to, its indeed possible to resolve conflicts through communication and cooperation.


puzzel is a universal symbol for different pieces that puts together and form something beautiful- but even for the difficulty to find a solution for this. In a puzzel is every piece equal worth and important for it to solve. Thats why we also choosed the same color for every piece. Gold is the victory of cooperation. The threads is the fragile peace hanging on.


we used white on our skirt, a color that stands for hope and peace, the light in the dark. With the simple jersey fabric did we want to strengthen the felling of, power of the people and responsibility. The skirt fabric is hanging only in same thin,brittle threads; a reminder of the fragile world. Top of the dress is connected with puzzles that embraces and protect; the safety and support in democracy and the cooperation between us.

Photo: Amanda Nilsson
Hair & Make: Madeleine Dannelöf
Model: Julia Kamal