Beckmans- work sample


The task was to pick a epoch that inspire you, i choosed Cretaceous period a time when the dinosaurs ruled our planet.This time reminded me when i was a kid, i loved to play with dinosaurs toys and watch movies like ”Jurassic park” so in this project i wanted to do something personal.

Design process

At the beginning of my design process i had an idea to make an underwear collection. I experimented a lot with paper because i knew it was an easy way to create a similar structure as the skin of a dinosaur. My process was very playful, it was fun and learned a lot. 

Each garment in my collection was manipulated. I used the Japanese Shibori technique to dye the fabrics with different colours and patterns, just the way i wanted and to make it even more personal. The collection ended with a unisex garments.

Photo: Thien Le
Model: Thien Danh & Kim Vu